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The Idiot’s Guide to Barcelona

December 10, 2011 by


There are less than 12 hours to go for the match and most madridistas are already sitting in front of their television sets with sweaty palms and chipped nails and some must be seeing this world through a hazy maze of the effects brought about by some good Spanish beer. I’ve been doing the opposite. […]

El Clasico – This Is It! | Fan Vs. Fan

December 8, 2011 by


So it all comes down to this.  Will the club we face now submit? Real Madrid’s record breaking run of consequent victories is close to  an   end…or getting extended. It is that time of the season where we face our arch nemesis; that club from Catalunya because of which we’ve developed a sever aversion […]

The “Special” Edition | Learning the 3 Rs – The A to Z of Jose Mourinho

December 6, 2011 by


by Umid. A – Ability: His ability to make an average Footballer play like a World Class Footballer is something to behold. One such example is Christian Chivu. Under Mou, Chivu had a fantastic season with Inter. But since Mourinho left, he has been pretty average so far. B – Blackbook: Jose’s blackbook goes wherever […]

Welcome To The Party !!

November 28, 2011 by


By Anita Ogandzhanyan Few days ago the classiest player in the world Xabi Alonso celebrated his 30th anniversary. If your name is Xabi Alonso, everything should be classy about you, including your birthday party. Have you ever thought how our players celebrate their birthdays? I’ll give way to my imagination and fantasize about some RM players’ […]

Slumdog Millionaire – The Sequel

October 4, 2011 by


By Karim: Warning: Do not Read  if you are under 18 Anil Kapoor (AK) : Hello everyone and welcome to “Who wants to be a millionaire”. Tonight we have on our show a person who’s already made millions by just sitting on a bench. Ladies and gentlemen please welcome the slumdog Granero Granero enters dressed […]

Few Things Neymar Should Keep In Mind If Real Madrid Signs Him…

September 18, 2011 by


Satire by Karim Neymar is without a doubt one of the most well known players in the South America. At the age of only 19 he is already a hero for Brazilians and father to a son. From the past few months he has been heavily linked with Real Madrid. And if reports are to […]