Fly to Madrid

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Every Real Madrid fan has a great passion for the club. We argue with other fans to defend our clubs, we wake up at early mornings or stay awake till late night just to see the team play for the 90 minutes. At times we go to sleep disappointed because the team did not play well enough even though they won or we sometimes wish it wasn’t worth waking up early to watch them play this way only…but in the end, we are still happy because we would rather see them play badly (at times) than miss the match.

Similarly, I don’t think there is one Madridista who wouldn’t want to go to Bernabeu and see the team play, feel the atmosphere and be part of a mosaic. We save a lot of money just to make this dream come true and no matter how much we spend, in the end it is always worth the experience.

Now what if I tell you, you can live that dream of going to the Bernabeu, watch the team train and even meet them for free. How that sounds? Of course it sounds great. So what you need to do is check out the contest details on thedrum to know how it works.

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