Sara Carbonero to Iker Casillas: Ballon D’or to the Human Being

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If we had the captain of the Spanish national team here with us he would not let us write much about him. Not because Iker doesn’t know what he means for the ones who love him, not because he is not aware of the value of everything that he has done and what he will do with Real Madrid and Spain… but because he’s such a great man that still gets a little bit embarrassed and excited when the praises and recognition and directed to him. Furthermore he would say that he would have never achieved any of this without his teammates, something that is true.

An Admiration to Lover

Iker wouldn’t be comfortable remembering that yesterday he reached Zubizarreta’s record by wearing the country’s jersey for the 126th time and he will not be so on Tuesday knowing that by playing he will be the lonely owner of the record. His next goal will be to reach the record of Matthaus… 150 games played for national team…an absolute recordman.

He would not be comfortable either recalling that last Thursday, along with Zubi, Raul – whose absence made us sad – and Xavi, he received a tribute by the Spanish Federation and by the UEFA for being one of the four footballers who has defended their national team in over 100 opportunities.

“A man admired and respected by millions of people and loved by many people who enlarge his legend.”

It’s true that many of the best goalkeepers consider him already one of the best goalkeepers of all time. Iker would say that they are overreacting, despite having been declared by the FIFA in 2008, 2009 and 2010 the best goalkeeper in the world. If we count the number of times that because of him, Real Madrid or the national team have solved a match, won rather than lost, made it through qualifiers… he would say that that’s what goalkeepers are for.

If we made him remember how 10 years ago, a very young goalkeeper amazed the world in the Champions League final against Leverkusen -two years before he was the youngest goalkeeper to play in a final and win it- he would say “What times those were!” and he would blush again.

After many years playing elite football, he faces each season with the excitement of a canterano, always trying to learn. Iker is very proud to represent the national team, Real Madrid and his teammates, who he defends to death on and off field, although he would repeat and say that it is normal, and furthermore, that many of them are his friends.

When he’s out with the national team, to him it’s better not to read any newspapers. He doesn’t like being centre of attention. This way he won’t say “they’re overreacting!”. Hopefully he comes back with a new record and a victory for Spain.

The ovation in Wembley was ours. Thank you, Iker!

Note:  originally published by Marca and translated by RMadridinfo.

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