Alfredo Di Stefano’s letter for Jose Mourinho

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Come and Sit Down Beside Me

I want to talk with Mourinho. Tell him that he knows to live with art. He has taught Real Madrid how to play with art. Today, media are inclined to praise movements, counter-attacks and combined actions of Real Madrid; all created by him. I want to tell you also that this Real Madrid got me motivated, full of illusion, that neither cold nor rain will stop my desire to attend the Bernabéu.

I would also say that I was coach and I know about the suffering at the bench. Because it’s a place where you are alone, the loneliness of the coach is not a fable. I mean he lives surrounded by souls which aren’t so pious, if a thing goes wrong.

Sometimes Mou with his authority, he’s giving an example of discipline to those men (Real Madrid players) that are wearing the shirt of the best team in history. And many times, he must take the role of a hen as that in ‘the hen with her chicks’ so as to protect the players. Send them to the field with a life jacket which is thick, strong and unbreakable. In other words with his words he offers them with the security they require.

To entering a field and know what to do. Above all, to be clear about one’s role and to motivate one’s self.  Being a coach is being helpless and to live exposed. A few years ago, I met a person whom studying to be a coach, who was a woman, and wanted to train a team of men; I was unable to give encouragement. Today she has the qualifications to do so and I think she’ll succeed. As you did, Mou, with work, with the joy of having a goal and fighting to get it.

You have come a long way to get here; you have won many titles as a coach and so many other battles where you have emerged victorious. And new battles will come. Meanwhile you have left rivals like Lyon, Malaga and Villarreal…. to fall, to shatter and to crumble.’

Don’t go yet; take a cup of coffee, Mister! There is more to come… Now I’m going to describe my diet: food without spices and if possible boiled; no alcohol or coffee. There are weeks that I only tolerate boiled vegetables without salt. As you may have noticed that I’m only kidding, I do nothing about it which I should.

Mou, my food is the success of Real Madrid. You are the best coach in the world and for that you have to pay a price. And that being you have no option but to make Real Madrid win every time. But you already know that.

As for me, I come from a distant land, where we love the tango, the roast and especially football. I’m from Argentina but could not go back to Buenos Aires; I was hooked to the life at Real Madrid. I had no strength to return, when a little blonde boy started calling me “Mister.” And even today, when I still hear Butragueño call me, I feel that I still have to guide him.

No one chooses where they are born, but I found the place where I want to be. That place is the square formed by the streets of Concha Espina, Padre Damián and Rafael Salgado.

See you soon Mou, we’ll meet soon.

From a Spanish “gaucho” who was named Honorary President of Real Madrid. With endless gratitude

Note: It’s Alfredo di Stefano’s open letter for Jose Mourinho published by Marca and translated by RMadridinfo.

There were reports circulating that the Real Madrid’s Honorary President and Legend, Di Stefano has criticized Mourinho’s tactics after the first in a series of ‘Clasico’ clashes between Real Madrid and Barcelona ended in a draw. But now we all can be relieved and pleased as the relationship between the two important figures of Real Madrid doesn’t seemed to be strained.

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