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By NobleBlanco

I think Real Madrid has the most good looking squad in the world, and I along with other girls are very lucky that we get to see them week in and week out, From Cristiano Ronaldo’s facial expression to Xabi Alonso’s instructions everything is worth watching. But the good news for boys here is that even the women of these players are beautiful. Below is the list of these beautiful people.

1-Iker Casillas & Sara Carbonero

We Owe So Much To Football

Iker and Sara met for the first time in South Africa during the 2009 FIFA Federations Cup. As a reporter, Sara had to cover Spain national football team. During her interview with the Captain of La Furia Roja, Iker as a newly single man fell into her beauty. He was trying to get her attention, but Sara refused him. Sara wanted to keep it as professional matters; she was upset with Iker’s behavior.

The situation remained the same even until they returned back to Madrid. Sara was busy with her career and (now former) boyfriend, Jorge Fernandez. Our lover boy who realizes that he did doing wrong was trying to make it up by sending her flowers. It took a month before Sara ditched her boyfriend and accepted Iker Casillas love.

In their early relationship, Iker and Sara was trying to hide their love from the media despite so many speculations about them. When the Magazine published pictures about their intimacy; they weren’t able to hide it anymore.

2- Ricardo Carvalho & Carina

Portuguese Lover

Ricardo Carvalho married his long-term girlfriend Carina and they’re currently having 2 children, Rodrigo (6) and Raquel (4) Carvalho. On one occasion Ricardo allowed Portuguese television to cover his private life, the reporter asked Ricardo’s son who’s the best football player, Rodrigo or his father? With confident he replies RODRIGO!

Ricardo also revealed that he’s a romantic man (only for Carina) and family is everything for him.  He’s really happy when he is at home with his wife and kids.

3- Kepler Pepe & Ana Sofia

The Pepinho Strength

Pepe and Ana met when he was a player at FC Porto and she was a student. He’s grateful for having an amazing wife who supported him through difficult time when he suffered a long term injury.

4- Sergio Ramos & Lara Alvarez

Second Chance

Dubbed as the next Carbonillas, because their similarity with Iker and Sara (footballer and journalist). Sergio Ramos and Lara Alvarez met for the first time when she asked for Ramos’ shirt for an auction at Alma Foundation charity night. Rumors and speculations about them started to fill Spanish magazines.

Sergio Ramos via his facebook account denied it, but it was useless when Cuore Magazine published their pictures having dinner with Rene Ramos and his fiancée Vania Milan, Broke up for a couple of months, before give their love a second chance.

5- Nuri  Sahin & Tugba

Turkish Delight

On October 2007, 19 years old Nuri took a big step in his life by marrying 18 years old Tugba at Düsseldorf Hilton hotel. The happy couple only invited 370 people including his (former) teammate at Borussia Dortmund, Bert van Marjwick, Roy Makaay, Yıldıray Baştürk, Halil Altıntop, Fatih Terim and (now his teammate at Real Madrid) Mesut Özil.

Now they have settled in Madrid; while Nuri is busy with Real Madrid, Tugba is busy decorating their new house in La Moraleja (with Mesut Ozil and Marcelo as their neighbor). A Few weeks ago, Nuri announced a delightful news about their newborn son named Ömer. Congratulation to the Sahin.

6- Sami Khedira & Lena Gercke

He's Surely Won't Let Her Go!

Only couple months after Sami separated from (ex-girlfriend) Katrin, media caught the German and Real Madrid midfielder with German Top-Models winner, Lena Gercke at an Italian restaurant. Sami and Lena looked very happy while they were sharing laughs, whispering and also kissing.

7- Cristiano Ronaldo & Irina Shayk

Russian Lady

Soy guapo, rico y gran futbolista makes Cristiano Ronaldo one of eligible (wanted) bachelor. Lots of women are willing to be his girlfriend, but Cristiano jr.’s father fell for a Russian lady. May 2010, Cristiano and Irina met during Armani photo shoot and began dating ever since. Now it’s been a year, they still live separately, Irina in New York – while Cristiano in Spain.

 According to Spanish mag,  Cristiano and Irina are engaged and will be getting married on July 12, 2012 in Madeira, Portugal.

8- Ricardo Kaka & Caroline Celico

Kaka y Carol

Picture of Perfect Family

Caroline and Kaká met for the first time in 2002 and began a short courtship. The relationship survived when Kaká had to move from Sao Paulo to Italy in 2003, when Caroline was still in school. The couple used to meet each other when he returns to Brazil on short trips, but their plan was to live in Italy in a very short time.

They married on December 23, 2005 in an Evangelical Church in Sao Paulo. The reception was given in a luxury hotel, where many Brazilian soccer stars attended such as Ronaldo, Dida and Cafu, as well as other international football players. On June 10, 2008, Carol gave birth to their first son, Luca Celico Leite and three years later, Isabella.

Carol is the daughter of businessman Celso Celico and Rosangela Lyra, the director of fashion house Dior in Brazil. Now she is working as pastor at the evangelical church and also a gospel singer.

9- Karim Benzema

King Benz

Michelle, Couz Sarah, Camellia, Audley and Chloé! Whoever they are; one thing for sure Benzema’s love life is full of colors. Thumbs up!

10- Mesut Ozil & Ebru Polat

For Real?

Ebru is a Turkish pop singer. On 2008, she met Mesut through Mutlu Ozil, Mesut’s brother during his wedding ceremony in Germany and according to Turkish magazine; Ozil attended Ebru’s birthday party in Ibiza.

11- Esteban Granero & Pilar

High School Romance

The virtue in a woman for Esteban Granero is honesty and probably that’s what he sees from Pilar. Scandal free Esteban met Pilar when he was on loan in Getafe (and she still as a student). The pair are still together and enjoying a low key relationship.

12- Marcelo & Clarisse Alves

Distance Can't Stop Love

Our explosive defender met Clarisse Alves when he was fifteen through Clarisse’s brother. In 2008 – shortly after his arrival to Madrid, Marcelo decided to marry his longtime girlfriend Clarisse Alves, and in September 2009, they had their first child, a son named Enzo Alves Vieira.

13- Antonio Adan & (Brunette-Blonde Girl)

Who is She?

I can’t find information (even her name!!) about Toni’s lady. The young couple was first seen on October 2009 at the premier of musical ‘A’ in Madrid (at that time she was still brunette) then second event at Raul Albiol and Alicia Roig’s wedding.  

14- Xabi Alonso & Nagore Aranburu

Pure Class

In 1999, Nagore met her future husband through her friends. They were in the same friend circle and one night Xabi was asking for her phone number. Nagore wasn’t expecting Xabi Alonso wanted something more than a friendship. The next day he called and asked her for dinner. They went to a beautiful restaurant in San Sebastian and a jazz club where they met Mikel (Xabi’s brother) and his girlfriend. She won’t regret her decision to follow Xabi when he moved to Liverpool. Ten years later, Xabi married his long-time girlfriend and they’re currently have 2 children, a boy named Jontxu Alonso Aranburu and a beautiful girl named Ane Alonso Aranburu.

Nagore just finished a distance course in the Universidad de Deusto and she’s about to open her own business in San Sebastian. Previously, she studied business management and tourism, modeled for Levi’s showroom and worked as a stylist on the movie set. They live a normal life. And whenever she can, she goes to watch Xabi play because she enjoys it a lot.

15- Fabio Coentrão & Andreia Santos

Young Family

Fabio and Andreia got married a few months ago in Fabio’s aunt house and a couple months later their first child, Vitoria born.

16- Hamit Altintop & Filiz Koç

An Equal Partnership

A football player and model! No … no … no, I’m not talking about Hamit. It’s time to give our attention to Ms. Koç, a charming (athletic) Turkish woman. She has played for Turkey football team in the World Cup and qualified before starting a new career as model and actress.  I love the fact that Hamit respect a female football player and is interest to see how things develop, but he’ll prefer volleyball and swimming as woman sport.  

17- Alvaro Arbeloa & Carlota Ruiz

The Loyalist

Alvaro should considering himself as one lucky man when he got Carlota as his girlfriend (now wife). The couple met when they were 17 years old. Carlota loyalty makes her willing to follow Alvaro wherever he goes; from Zaragoza, La Coruna, Liverpool and now Madrid. And on July 2009, Alvaro and Carlota got married and one year later she gives birth to Alba Arbeloa Ruiz.

18- Raul Albiol & Alicia Roig

The Valencians

June 18, 2011 is a historic day for Raul Albiol and Alicia Roig. In religious and elegant ceremony at Cathedral of Valencia, Raul and Alicia gave their vow with their family and friends including his teammates in Spain NT and Real Madrid and their partner, Xabi Alonso, Alvaro Arbeloa and Antonio Adan as the witness.  Alicia, a beautiful Valencia woman is his long-term girlfriend and already gave him two beautiful daughters, Azahara and Alma Albiol Roig.  

19- Raphael Varane

Oui, Je Suis Célibataire.

I can confirm you that Raphael is a “bachelor”! Bad joke? Yeah, I know. But he did receive his degree in Economic and Social development. Raphael is a family man. He prefers to spend his free time with his siblings, Anthony, Annie and Annabelle and focus with his career and education.

This is  something intresting, but I can’t confirm if this girl IS his girlfriend.  

20- Gonzalo Higuain

El Príncipe Azul

See my post about Benzema? Our Argentinean player has a similar story with Karim Benzema. His first girlfriend is Carolina. After breaking up with Caro, there were a lot of rumors about Pipita and girls. From blonde bombshell Luciana Salazar; Reality TV (Gran Hermano) star TatianaSoledad Faldino and the last edition is journalist Daniela Saurwald; but the most sensational news is when he was fighting with former teammate Fernando Gago over Micaela Vazquez.

Am I done yet? Kickette also published news Gonzalo Higuain fathering a child!!! A source close to both the baby momma and Higgy’s own Mum confirmed the news way back in January.

21- Jose Maria Callejon & Marta

You Complete Me

A former Real Madrid ball boy has give his heart to a single mother, her name is Marta.  She has provided him with a lot of maturity, sensitivity, joy, and hope.  During his interview with Real Madrid TV; He said is very happy.  “She is filled me up completely,” Callejon says. “I see the future with a lot of joy and hope, and the truth is I owe her a lot”.

22- Angel di Maria & Jorgelina Cardoso


A newlyweds,  Angel and Jorgelina met two years ago, through a cousin.  They exchanged many emails and chats before they ever met, and a short time later, Ángel invited her to go with him to Portugal, where he was playing for Benfica.  They moved to Madrid after he signed with Real Madrid.

24- Lass Diarra

Private Man

“My private live will remain private” it’s probably a life motto off Lass Diarra.  Pipita however, gave a scoop about his team mate. During his interview with FPT (Futbol Para Todos) Higuain said that Lass Diarra is a married man (Well, mostly Real Madrid players is taken).

 Aitor Karanka & Ana

Trusted One

Not much information can be found about “Mou’s right hand” private life. A former football player – now currently the assistant manager of Real Madrid is married to woman named Ana. They can be seen at celebrity party scene like Loewe and Kenzo perfume.

Jose Mourinho & Tami Faria

The REAL Boss

Jose Mourinho and  Matilde “Tami” Faria were teenage sweethearts.  They met in a restaurant in Setúbal, Portugal which had afternoon discos when she was 14 and he was 17. She went on to be a philosophy student and they married in 1989. Their first child, daughter Matilde, was born in 1996 and they had their first son, José Mário, Jr., four years later. Mourinho, whilst dedicated to football, describes his family as the centre of his life.

When Mourinho returns home from Real Madrid’s Valdebebas training center, he’s no longer the boss. That role falls to his wife of 21 years and their kids. “I have to do what they want,” Mourinho says. “I have to watch the programs they want to see, the movies they want to go to. I have to go to the wrestling because they enjoy the wrestling.”

It’s confirm by Mou’s daughter, “Outside, you are the manager! But here at home it’s mother who is in charge. Thats the way it should always be.”

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